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The National Research Center for Gender Health and Medicine

Founded in 2009 as a an extension of the Italian Society of Gender Health and Medicine- Società Italiana per la Salute e la Medicina di Genere  (Bylaws ex Art 3)  the National Research Center for Gender Health and Medicine is a not-for-profit association including basic and clinical scientists, the University Hospital of Padua (founder), and the Giovanni Lorenzini Medical Science Foundation (founder, Milan-Houston). It was established to investigate the ways in which sex and gender impact on normal human functions and diseases, patient-physician relationships, health organizations, and health policies. The mission of the Center is to develop information, education, clinical research, networking, applications in medical practice, and communication to reduce inequalities between genders in the management of common diseases.
The Center, through studies, trials, meetings, courses, workshops, congresses, and various means of communication, brings together and reviews consolidated and advanced knowledge on gender medicine, supporting and facilitating the activities of multidisciplinary work teams. The Center collaborates with international, national, and regional institutions in projects on gender medicine.
Current members of the Executive Committee are: Giovannella Baggio (Padua) (President), Emanuela Folco (Milan), Annarosa Floreani (Padua), Elena Ortona (Rome), Marina Ziche (Siena), Angela Ianni Palarchio (Turin), Andrea Cignarella (Padua).

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