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The Austrian Society of Gender-Specific Medicine

In  February 2007 the Austrian Society of Gender-Specific Medicine - an interdisciplinary academic society -  was founded in Vienna, Austria. Members of the executive board are Professor Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, MD (President), Andjela Bäwert, MD (Vice President), Jürgen Harreiter, MD MSc (Treasurer), Professor Margarethe Hochleitner, MD (Vice Treasurer), Harun Fajkovic, MD (Secretary), Professor Anita Holzinger, MD MPH (Vice Secretary). Marianne Legato and the President of the Parliament in Austria Barabara Prammer are Honorary Presidents of this society. Since 2008 the ÖGGSM organizes scientific meetings and congresses. In April 2010 the ÖGGSM has organized the international symposium "Global health and gender" in cooperation with the Non-govermental organisations of the UN, which will introduce gender medicine on the level of the UN.

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