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Dates: September 14 - 16, 2017

Venue: Sendai International Center, Miyagi, Japan



Welcome letters to the 8th International Congress by the congress President Prof. Hiroaki Shimokawa and the outgoing President of IGM Prof. Marek Glezerman

The International Society for Gender Medicine



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Dear Colleagues,


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of The International Society for Gender Medicine (IGM). This website presents a platform for physicians, scientists and professionals from all para-medical disciplines who are interested in the new science of Gender Medicine and who share the common goal of promoting this science.


Gender-specific medicine is a new way of looking at  the physiologic and pathophysiological differences between men and women and  great efforts need to  be invested in research and education in order to re-write many  chapters in modern medicine. The IGM is an umbrella organization for national and professional societies dedicated to the study of gender and sex specific differences.  Our member societies and organizations  are in Austria, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, Sweden and in the U.S. Together with individual members from countries without professional societies we have now over 720 members and we are growing steadily. IGM member societies are sponsoring diversified educational programs and have organized until now 7 international congresses and many  national  workshops, scientific meetings and workshops.

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming 8th International Congress on Gender and Sex-Specific Medicine will take place on September 14th to 16th , 2017, in Sendai, Japan. During the congress General Elections to the board will be conducted. A list of candidates will be mailed shortly to IGM members.

On the pages of this website we will continue to keep you posted on new developments related to our society, we will inform you about the activities of our member societies and we will do our best to promote communication between members and member societies.


Visit us also at our Facebook page for news and updates!

Please do not hesitate to give us your comments.
Very cordially,
Marek Glezerman, MD
President, International Society for Gender Medicine


The International Congress on Gender Medicine in Japan, September 2017:

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